Saturday, May 15, 2010

an easy 8 and an urban chicken

Saturday long run - 7.81 miles in 2 hrs, 46 min
(Pace: 21:12)
Just a beautiful, beautiful day today.  We met at Carter Center for an 8-mile run.  Because of my pretty busy work schedule this past week, I went into the run with the specific intention of running with C at a slower pace, focusing on the mileage, not the time.

That was exactly what I needed.

And as a bonus, we came across a chicken, just kind of hanging out in the front yard of home in a fairly high-end intown neighborhood in the middle of Atlanta.  So odd.  I've never seen an urban free-range chicken.


  1. Haha! I wonder what that chicken was doing... perhaps it was a pet.


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