Tuesday, July 27, 2010

fall training kickoff giveaway! part II

So, remember back when my running group was on TV...?  In order to motivate us to wear our Galloway shirts, a to-be-determined prize was offered.  And I won!  The prize was a brand new Galloway-branded Gymboss (a must for interval walk/runners.)  Cool beans but I already have a non-Galloway branded Gymboss and, of course, my much loved Garmin.... so what to do with this one?

Why, Fall Training Giveaway Part II, of course!  I'm so happy to have this as a giveaway as my Gymboss was just about the first thing I bought.
  1. For this round, tell us in the comments about your favorite gear and what makes it so great for you.
  2. For extra credit, update your Facebook status to mention @Running while Chunky -- either about the contest or just mention you're a fan, etc.  (To do - "Like" Running while Chunky and then in your status start typing @ and then Running... and select RWC from the drop down choices that appear.)
Contest runs until Friday night - Aug 6.  On Saturday morning, we have our big training kickoff for the Breast Cancer Marathon (and Half!) training groups and I'll draw for a winner that morning.  (Hey, Atl locals -- make sure this is on your calendar!)

And on the gear question, mine is my Garmin, hands down. I love being able to monitor my pace while I'm running....and than having stats after.  Numbers, numbers, numbers. Love them.

Side note:  No run Monday night.  Stupid thunder.  (But it did cool down into the 70's.   Ooooh.  Ahhhhh.)


  1. My Fav training tool is my gowearfit.... Keeps track of my steps, calories burned, and type of training I am doing

  2. i'm all about being able to train at home when i can't get out.....love me my stationary bike (would love a tredmill, too)
    pick me, pick me

  3. I actually have very little gear as of yet, but my fave thing so far has actually been apparel...just bought a luluemon running top that has flat seams so no chafing on long runs!! =)

  4. My favorite is my Nike+ wristband that monitors calories, distance, pace, and time. It really keeps me on track and I love being able to chart all of my runs online. My second favorite is a good treadmill that helps me train to maintain consistent pace (no choice when that belt is moving!!) and keeps me moving in the bad weather--NO EXCUSES!! ;-)

  5. I also don't have a lot of technical stuff, but I LOVE my running shirts with funny sayings on them. I love getting comments while I'm out on a run, it gives me a boost and encouragement. My current favorite shirt says, "Run Like a Mother: 26.2 miles of peace and quiet".

  6. My Garmy and running skirts from SkirtSports

  7. My favorite gear is my fuel belt! I love that it can hold different drinks, I love to fill 2 with Gatorade and 2 with water to switch things up every few miles. It even has a little pouch that can hold Gu for the long runs. It doesn't bounce up and down on your body as you step like a camelback would, and the weight is evenly dispersed. (you can get it in pink, how great is that!) Love, love it!

  8. I have the cutest, pinkest, camelbak water bottle. It's the simple things in life...

  9. Runners live for their gear!


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