Monday, November 1, 2010

something new...

Clean Bottle with Leak-Proof Twist Off BottomSaturday long run - 4.64 miles in approx 1:29

Pace: 19:05

I tried out my new Clean Bottle with Leak-Proof Twist Off Bottom this weekend since it was only a 5 mile run (i.e., a one-bottle day). 

It was a little slippery in the holder I had it in (Nathan Handheld Bottle Carrier) but I love the concept of it -- the bottom and top unscrew for really good cleaning.  I was tempted to just buy a new Nathan setup or just a new bottle but the carrier I have is still fine -- it's just the bottle that's gotten ick.

I think I like it.



  1. Keep an eye out for a bottle holder that might just fit Clean Bottles perfectly! We know a lot of runners like Clean Bottles and need a good carrier for running/walking to keep it secure and we don't want you to have to worry about losing your bottle while you're out there! Keep racking up the miles!

    -Bottle Boy

  2. Hey BB! I'd be happy to test drive something like that! Thanks for visiting!


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