Monday, December 20, 2010


Saturday long run - 12.85 miles in 4:27
Pace: 20:24 (20/40's)

Sunday 5K - 3.2 miles (not 3.1) in over an hour
Pace: Walking... slowly
More on this one later but for now...

We didn't make 17. 

It was just a miserable Saturday.  When we met at 7 am, it had switched from drizzle (on the drive) to pouring down rain.  Some groups started running but most decided to reschedule for Sunday.  My group went to Starbucks for a bit (since we were up anyway).  By 7:48 am, it had stopped raining so we looked at each other and decided to go for it.

We made it to the turn around at 8.5 (pictured) but the run was getting the better of us even before that.  Within a mile or so after that, J started walking and B and I just fell into step with her.  We made it back to support at 10.5 and she stopped but B and I kept walking.  Eventually, though, it just seemed like it was only walking and wasn't doing us any real good from a training perspective.  As much as I wanted to mark 17 as done, regardless of how, that's not a good mind set when you have 6 miles left.  Anyway, we called it a day and got picked up short of 13.

The 17 remains my nemesis...


  1. Keep pushing yourself and don't give up. You can do it.

  2. So you didn't get 17 ... you still practically did a half marathon! That's nothing to complain about at all. I was just struggling to get in five yesterday. I think you're doing awesome!!


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