Monday, December 13, 2010

a pony, a pony!

Saturday Long Run - 9.13 miles in 3:12 hrs
Pace: 20:51* (20/40)

.... And we only got lost once.  We weren't the most lost group either -- the group just faster than us passed us twice on the route (even though they started before us) and clocked in at 10+ miles. Yow!  *And on a side note, we were at a 19 min pace and dropping until we got lost a bit.... I think the group momentum was blown after that even though we weren't so very far off course (and we took a good shortcut at the end to stay at the correct mileage).

It was sort of a holiday run -- we started at Carter Center, cut through downtown, looped around Centennial Olympic Park (with quick slide and Christmas tree photo op detours), back through CNN Center, etc., off into Castleberry, back around downtown and back to the start. 

Along the way, we saw ponies.  Ponies!  (They were the downtown buggy-ride-for-tourists ponies.  It makes sense that they wouldn't live too far from 'work' but who expects to see urban ponies?)  Oh course, all of us stopped, crossed the street and took a look at them.  Oddly, when I was talking to other groups, it seems like no one else stopped.  I love my group -- there's always time to check out the ponies!

T checks out the slide
Group photo!

Urban ponies (in the back) with carriages (to the left)


  1. 19 and dropping? Is that degrees or people? lol Great job on the run! Looks like it was a fun one! :0)

  2. Over 9 miles, wow-wee!
    I totally would have stopped at the ponies, too!

  3. Nice job! You are an inspiration to me!!

  4. Whoo hoo! Congratulations on an awesome long run, girl!


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