Monday, October 3, 2011

time was not on my side . . .

Wine & Dine Half Marathon
8.7 miles in 2:34:31
Pace: 17:45

Facebook friends already read the news, but fyi I was swept at the last pick up point at the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon (8.5 official miles, 8.7 on the Garmin).

I'm ok.  It was a really tough race.  I went into it tired and stressed and from the first mile, everything was hurting . . . but I went as best as I could.  Luckily the weather turned a little in Florida so it wasn't uncomfortable (i.e., things could have been worse!)

I am proud of what I did though . . . balloon girls passed me right before mile 7 (very consistent with last year) and I chatted with them a bit.  (That's how I found out that the last 2 hard pick ups were at mile 7 and then at 8.5, right before going into Hollywood Studios.)  They beat me to 7 but waited a little bit for the 16 min pace to hit -- and I sprinted like mad (for me!) to get there before they cut off the race. 

I just just made it past the flags there at 7.  They were so encouraging (stay with us, you'll be fine), but a 16 min pace for me is full out and there was no way I was going to make the next cut if I need to hold that pace for 1.5 miles.  But I kept on, even knowing the inevitable awaited...  Ah well.  Five more minutes on the field would have made all the difference in the World, but I just didn't have it.

For the last 3/4 of a mile, one of the biker women kind of hung out with me.  Most of the bike guys swing by and just ask again and again, are you ok?, just because you're slow.  Of course I'm ok -- I'm just slow!  It's not a sickness.  Anyway, this one bike support woman was so sweet.  I was sad and she was so really encouraging - i.e., look at what you've done, etc.  So nice.

The other funny volunteer moment -- Right before Animal Kingdom, this one castmember singled me out and encouraged me by saying, Hey - you can do it!  I've seen you out here before.  You know you can!  She made me believe -- at least for a little way.

Yes, the volunteers were fabulous....

Now, if Disney could just get the memo out to the sweep people that they shouldn't "congratulate" you when you get off the Bus of Shame back at the back door to the runner village and try to put a medal on you... That's still very jarring but I just don't think they realize...


  1. Ah bummer. I was not expecting to see this kind of post. Sorry. :(

    I think volunteers just get so into what they are saying (on repeat like robots) that they don't always think. I get that they want to encourage us, but sometimes they end up pissing me off because of it. How much of a brat am I? At Disneyland Half along that "river" just before the baseball field a woman said to everybody, "nice job WALKERS". I kind of gasped and grabbed my friends and we ran. Just because we might be on a walk break doesn't mean we aren't still "runners". She annoyed me. Slow, fast, whatever pace we go, we are all still runners, dammit!

    So now full steam forward toward Rock'n'Roll Savannah I see! Very cool - can't wait to hear how that one is. I've never been over there, but want to visit some time. Sounds like a cool, yet humid/hot?, place to race!

  2. Congrats on getting out there! I think I barely made it without being swept... we saw the balloon girls (a Mickey balloon and Smiley balloon right?) sprinting to the finish at the end of the 13th mile... I thought they'd look more 'official' somehow? They just looked like any old runners... hmmmm. I'm most perturbed when I look at the results and see the folks who finished very late, but had matching chip times... so the folks who somehow get into earlier corrals have so much more of a cushion than us honest folks who put accurate times and end up in the back of the pack. Not fair!


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