Monday, November 7, 2011

more than i expected; less than I hoped . . .

Savannah Rock n Roll Half (or a big chunk of it anyway...) - 9.28 miles in 2:58
Pace: 19:14 (20/40)

Yup, definitely not my best day in Savannah.  I did make it a little over 9 miles in total.  I'm a little amazed I made it that far.  C stayed with me for the race and I thought that company might be enough to get me to the end.  I think it got me farther than I would have gotten on my own.  So yay for company!

But around mile 8, the Mercedes limo bus thing gave us a half mile 'boost' as they called it when we got behind the pace.  That's the little break at the bottom right in the Garmin map.  It's a kinder sweep than Disney as they just try to get you back into the race, but it was only seconds before the race had passed me again.  Big props to C for trying to talk me through it but I was toast.

Luckily or unluckily, 9 was right around the corner from the run in to 13... so with the blessing of the pace car lady ("I'm going to go that way." "I think that's a good idea - enjoy the rest of your race..."), I took the shortcut and sent C on to finish the race.  (She smoked the last 4 miles!  Yow.)

So fall Half season closes out for me as does the Half calendar for 2011 -- 6 half marathons, swept (or short cuts) on 3.  In baseball, 500 is a smashing season...

And as to the Contest: Chip time was 3:02 something, which clearly everyone went over!  And I refuse to call this a DNF because I went out and finished in a fashion.  So, random drawing gives it to Lori S. D. from here on the blog.  Thanks all for playing and for all the good wishes!  (Lori - message me your mailing info and I'll send out your prize.)


  1. Shoot. I was going off of a half being a definite 13.1 miles. ;) Better luck next time in Savannah!

  2. So am I reading this right? Instead of making you DNF they just skootch you ahead a bit in the race? That's pretty cool I think!

  3. Awesome job! On a side note, I shot my career low round of golf by skipping the 17th hole today! This idea has promise!

  4. I think you did great, Congrats! Note, the Army Ten Miler, in DC a few weeks ago, has a diversion point. So I don't think they really sweep anyone. If you don't make it to a set place in the course by a certain time, you are diverted back into the main race traffic as the course wraps back around. That way you cross the finish line, but don't get a chip time as one of the checkpoints is after the diversion point. It is much kinder than being picked up. Consider that race, it is very inspirational, we saw some vets and it was great to see everyone thanking them as they continued on through the race.

  5. You did not finish. Half marathons are not easy to do. While I give you credit for trying, "running" .9 miles at a time in 20 minutes is not the training that it takes to finish the entire 13.1 miles.

  6. So, are you running the Chip and Dale? My wife is in the same position as you...her Galloway MM time is 18:30. We are doing the Chip and Dale together...I hope to give her a nice cushion to finish her first ever Half.


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