Monday, January 31, 2011

afterall, tomorrow is another day...

Saturday Long Run - 7.57 miles in 2:29 (20/40)
Oh 17, you broke my heart again...

But I am happy to report that of the 4 of us that set off at 6 am to conquer the 17, one did go the distance. 

Yay, J!  Fabulous effort!  I'm so proud.  (And inspired - I'll get there, too...)

My excuse?  I sadly was feeling the remnants of my cold from earlier in the week and 'only' made it to 7.5, far short of the targeted mileage.  But I really was wrecked and feeling a little loopy so it was time to stop when I did.

Next attempt:  Possibly an extra couple of miles at 26.2 with Donna after we finish the Half...?  (Clever idea -- C suggested that we could run out to meet some friends doing the Full when I'm done with the Half.  I'll have to see how I feel about that.)

Friday, January 28, 2011


Saturday is the last official long long run of the season for BCM training.   And it's our last chance to (easily) try 17 miles because we'll have support.  So my little subgroup is going to meet at 6 am for 3 miles before our 7 am start with the rest of the group for 17.

It's time to break through this barrier....

Thursday, January 27, 2011

ok, so there's this weekend and then...

Wed training run - 1.26 miles in 22 min
Pace: 17:30 (30/30)

So, busy running times ahead....

1.  This weekend - 17 training miles.

2.  2 weeks after - 26.2 with Donna (or at least 13.1 of it!)

3.  2 weeks after that - Disney Princess Half Marathon.

Hmmm - I also need to starting working on the plan for March, don't I?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

all over the place...

What with the Holidays, new WW calculations, and snow days (especially snow days!), I've been, shall we say, challenged on the food front.... and now I have a little cold.

Not good.

Luckily, I've been able to kind of hold off damage on the scale.

At the Disney Half, I decided to drop x lbs by Princess.  There's still time.  OK, maybe 1/2x is workable...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

gettin' over it...

Monday training run - 1.3 in 23 min (incl 3 walking)   
Pace: 17ish until  the last bit of walking; 17:38 final (30/30)

I've been a little under the weather the last few days... but I need to be over that soon.  So chicken soup, rest, more rest.

...Because on Saturday I face my nemesis again:  the 17-mile run. 
(Cue sinister music.)

Monday, January 24, 2011

a galloway kind of weekend...

Something new...
My new administrative role for the Getting Started Atlanta Galloway group that started last week was oh so conveniently timed.  We had a big weekend of meetings with other program directors from all around the country.

A few cool things:
  1. I got to meet someone who's commented on the RWC facebook page who isn't actually a friend or related to me.  How fun!  I actually recognized her name and said hello.
  2. Amby Burfoot (big bud of Jeff Galloway's, Boston Marathon winner, runner from way back, Runner's World editor) was one of our speakers.  Funny stories.
  3. Donna Deegan of 26.2 with Donna was another keynote speaker.  She's not a successful news anchor and much loved in Jacksonville for nothing.  A very charismatic lady.
  4. Lots more new people to meet.
  5. And, of course, words from Jeff Galloway himself...
A high note for me:  Donna of 26.2 with Donna actually came up to me to say hi and let me know that she knows my blog.  Wow.  Really?  She was surrounded by people wanting posters signed and stuff and she came over to chat with me for a minute.  That was more than a little surreal!  (There was a picture of me with her but it's stuck on the only phone in Atlanta from which a picture can't be emailed or texted.  We're working on getting it freed from the phone but no success so far.  I may even need to break the no pictures of CG rule if we can get...!)

On a related note, if you happen to live in or around Birmingham, AL, check out the new Getting Started program that's kicking off there in late March.  (It'll probably roll into a Half and/or Full program afterward the initial 12 weeks.)  Kim is very nice -- she's going to be a great PD, I think, so congratulations Birmingham!

Friday, January 21, 2011

don't try this at home....



Even with a lot of sugar free syrup.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Big Galloway Atlanta Getting Started kickoff last night.  Big especially for me because I'm taking a more active role in the running of vs just running with the Mon/Wed group. 


The opportunity came up kind of suddenly and it seemed like it might be fun.  (I like to run stuff - call me crazy!)

Downside:  I actually ended up missing the run itself (30 on the bike at home instead).  I'm not worried since it was kickoff day but I'll need to be careful of that - it wouldn't do to let a new job interfere with my running when I've worked so hard to work around my real job and prioritize running!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

roll call...

Hey, fellow Princesses and Princes --
The Disney Princess Half Marathon is a little over a month away (and Donna is 2 weeks less than that).  In fact, they've already sent out the link to the Race Program.  I need a lot of pink running clothes for February!

So who's in and what intervals (or pace) are you running?  (If you're doing some other Jan/Feb race, feel free to share that one instead!)

I'll start -
I'm running 20/40's, hoping for a 16 min Pace at Princess (yeah - it'll probably be closer to 17 as long as I outrun the buses!) and probably a little slower at Donna so I can save myself for Princess!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

reality check...

Monday training run - 0.81 miles in 15 min
Pace: 18:39 (20/40)
(Plus 15 on the bike at home...)

At some point in the early months of training for the Breast Cancer Half Marathon, I was feeling strong and optimistically (very optimistically!) registered for the Full. 

OK, that's not happening this year.  I don't feel bad or anything -- it was a longshot anyway.  And I think my biggest impediment was that I wasn't totally, completely, madly, and fully mentally committed to it from the beginning.  It was a passing fancy. 

So I've switched back to the Half and hopefully will be running with a bunch of people from my 20/40 training group (which will be more fun anyway!)

Plus, Donna is only 2 weeks before Disney Princess Half Marathon -- so it's the perfect training run!

Monday, January 17, 2011

the run that went all day...

Sunday Long Run - 6.06 miles in 2:04
Pace: 20:24 (20/40)

Half group did 12.5 yesterday (but I only did 6 due to the Half last weekend).  Full did 26 - it was their final long run. 

If you think 26 miles takes a long time, try adding patchy ice on the road.  Everyone was being super careful. 

I do not like the ice - I'm not that sure-footed in the best of circumstances.  Put a little ice on the road and I'm completely a mess!

Big thaw hopefully continues today and tomorrow...

Friday, January 14, 2011

weekend plans...

1.  There's still a lot of ice on the ground here,
2.  It's a long run weekend (12.5 for Half training), and
3.  There aren't many other weekends left between now and Donna...

So we're giving it a try.

I'm a little worried...

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Holy cow - Is there anything worse for the diet than 3 days stuck in the house? 

I did try to venture out a little yesterday (unsuccessful attempt to get to work; quick Whole Food stop on the way back) but have mostly been making due out of the pantry....

Not good.  Not good at all.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the blizzard of 2011...

We were still snowed in in the Atl yesterday... I can't remember the last time we had 2 snow days in a row.  (I barely remember the last single day where I couldn't eventually get into the office.)

Happily, the 100 Days Challenge continues...  The day after the Half (i.e., travel day back to Atlanta) was brutal but I've kept at it.

Hopefully, we'll be back to running by the weekend.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

california, here i come...!

The Bling!
That was an adventure! 

My friend C and I left on Friday morning (very early) and drove to Florida for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Half.  We got to the Expo right at noon and entered the madness.  Wow - what a big Expo.  It was actually split -- bibs and mini-vendor area in one of the big facilities and shirt pickup and 'real' expo in the other.  Lots of stuff for sale; lots of people.  (And, yes, the cool mesh bags appear to be gone for good, which is a little sad.)

We went to lunch and then checked into the hotel for an early night . . . and an even earlier morning!  Our goal was the 3:30 am bus, which we easily made.  We were at the runners' village by 4ish.

Our first stop was the Race Retreat.  It was a nice extra (woman-only porta potties = worth the cost of admission alone!); however, by 4 am, it was already packed.  Quarter of a bagel with a dab of peanut butter and an 1/4 of a cup of coffee later and we realized we didn't have much time there.  Plus we wanted to pop out and say hello at the Galloway tent.  We said hi to Jeff himself and got a nice little send off pep talk, but didn't see anyone else we knew.  (Later we found that others in our Atl club hadn't made it there -- too crazy!  But now we know it's there - if they continue it - and will plan accordingly.  Hopefully, this is the first of many tents.)

Race Retreat crowd...
At this point, we started for the corrals.  As with Princess, it's a crazy long walk!  And it was a complete bottleneck.  I was getting a little freaked out with how slow we were going and this was where I started thinking we should have been on the bus earlier...  Something to remember.  That said, we made it to G (NOT H) with plenty of time to spare . . . and then some . . . like an hour.  We still didn't get all the way to the front for the extra fraction of a minute lead, but we were close enough.  As much as I love Disney, I do dislike the very long time standing on concrete for the start.  At Wine and Dine, I sat for a long time once I scrambled to get to the front of the corral to wait vs standing -- I think that was better.  Something else to remember.

The race part of the race was really hard.  I know I say that every time but it's true.  I'm ok with the distance (given enough time); it's the pace that the big challenge for me.  For some reason, this was a slower first half for me than typical.  You'd think that would bode well for the 2nd half but it really didn't.  I will say though, that our time was very consistent in the first half (per the Garmin -- not much lost or gained).  We had a quick break about midway (lost some time) and then were also consistent for the back half.  At the end of the day, the pace was 17:17 per the official results (17:06 per the Garmin) -- I need that to be better by Princess.  Anyway...

My favorite part of the run - coming into the Magic Kingdom!
Having C to run with was a big BIG plus.  She was fabulous in the back half.  I started panicking at about mile 8 when the bike guys first gave us the heads up about the balloon girls.  (Remember them?  Back of the pack.)  I knew 11 was the free zone... but 8 was a looooooong way from 11 when balloons were in sight behind us.  C had us trying to flip our 20/40's (when I could), run on the more down hill parts and just going when I could to first stay ahead of them and then try to minimize the distance behind them.  When we made it to 11, I saw buses off to the right but we were still in a big clump of runners and it didn't appear that they were pulling them over for use.  Don't get me wrong - we were at the back, but it looked like we were ok.  (A few tears at that point...)

The rest of the run was painful but fabulous -- the run up to Epcot, the circuit in the park with all the castmembers cheering us on and then the exit to the finish.  The choir at the end was singing best of Queen.  (Hee.)  At the finish, a few more tears and then our friends started calling.  (We missed the Saturday group run.  Ooops!)  And I'm especially proud that even after we made it to 11, we kept at the run/walk (even trying to do a little more on the downhills) vs walking it in.  That was a good feeling (through the pain).

A few observations:
  • I don't think anyone got picked up at mile 11 - and we could see the back of the race.  I like that!  A kinder, gentler Disney.
  • My favorite race sighting:  There was a woman on the road coming out of MK (about half way) that had a sign cheering on Complete Stranger.  I said thanks!  I saw her again in Epcot right near the end and yelled a quick thanks again.  I loved that sign!
  • Even though it's the same course, Princess is still a much more fun race.  This had more of the traditional high school bands out for the non-park parts where Princess had characters the whole way.  I don't have time to stop but I like having them there.
  • As with Wine & Dine, there was a lot less dressing up than at Princess... However, there were a lot of Goofy-indicators (hats, full outfits, etc.)  If you're doing the Goofy, I guess you need to represent!
  • Coming in on the bus on race morning, I was able to check out runner parking.  It didn't seem too bad.  Since the buses are the primary 'on resort' benefit, I think I might be more comfortable staying at my usual non-Disney hotel for Princess and then driving in.
  • The goody bags seem to be getting slimmer with every Disney race.  I know last year, the bags had cameras, Sharpies, etc., and it was still the cool mesh bag.  This race had a plastic bag, a tube of ClifShots and a couple samples (biofreeze, etc.) plus lots and lots of paper.  Not too fun...  Luckily, I earned the right to wear the shirt and I got the medal -- that's all I really need!
  • The mini panic attacks on long runs are getting a bit old.  (Basically, I start to have trouble catching my breath when it hits me that I might not be able to finish.)  C gave me some tips on calming down, which helped.  I think I'm going to need to research this further...
  • It's so much easier (but still hard) to do a race with someone.  I haven't had a race buddy since my first Half.  Having C with me the whole way was just great - we stuck to our intervals (mostly), she kicked my butt when I needed it and she tried to calm me down when I panicked.  Plus she got me the last 2 Tylenols at the Medical tent somewhere around mile 9.  And on top of that, we really had fun!  BIG BIG THANKS!
We wandered back to the Race Retreat for breakfast... no one was left at the Galloway tent by this time.  What a relief!  I was just so happy to have finished the race.  Amazingly, we walked right onto a bus and got back to All Star Sports very easily. 

After cleaning up and having a bit of a rest, we went off to Epcot to show off our medals.  I can strongly recommend the pizza at Via Napoli and the Napolean at France in World Showcase as reward/recovery food!  I also love that the Half is on Saturday so that we didn't need to scramble to get out of the hotel and on the road.  We left Sunday morning... and actually left earlier than planned due Blizzard 2011 heading to the Atl.

And now?  Now I can register for Disneyland (Coast-to-Coast!) and do Princess without pressure.  Yay!

Side benefit: I think I may have hooked C on Disney races....  hee.

Monday, January 10, 2011

snow day! (and yes, i finished the race...)

Disney Half:  13.1 Magical Miles in 3:47
Pace: 17:18 (20/40)

How perfectly perfect!  We haven't had a true Snow Day in Atlanta in years and we got one today -- the Monday after the Disney HalfYay for free bonus recovery time!

We left Orlando a little early yesterday (sadly not staying to see our friend C finish the Full - but she understood) and made it back well ahead of the weather.

Full race report will come later in the week...

Friday, January 7, 2011

think good thoughts...

I'm on my way to Florida this morning for the Disney Half....  We'll be at the Expo this afternoon and then the race is tomorrow morning.  It should be a fun time regardless of the result

But I'm so hoping for a good result (i.e., a finish is a win!)

Cute lucky charm necklace available here.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

the pre-race crazies...

I don't know why it is, but in the days just before a big race I'm hyper-sensitive to every little ache and pain... Is this the end of my running? Can I even finish the upcoming race?

This week has been no exception. What is that?

My massage therapist (who's fabulous, by the way) says it's normal for her endurance athletes (hey, that's me, too) but I still feel like wacky paranoid girl!

(Non-)Run Log: Last night, a couple of my running buddies agreed to meet for my last pre-race short run. It had been raining all afternoon but we were hopeful for a window. There was no window. Because of the rain (I think), it was an achy knee day. And since it was pouring down rain when we met, it seemed smarter to not run. (Slippy leaves = not good!)  So it was another bike night...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

can she... or can't she...?


Just a few more days to the Disney Half (and my Donald medal).  I'm really stressed about this.  I don't feel at all ready.  I know I can do the distance; I'm just really concerned about my time and that strict Disney cutoff...

On the plus side, because the route is the same as the Princess, I know that I just need to make it past Mile 11 to be safe from the evil Buses.  Also, on the plus side (a BIG plus), my friend C is running with me and is going to do my pace -- but I will give her the "save yourself" sign if things get too dire and while there's still time for her to speed up ahead of the sweepers.  One of us needs to come back with a medal!

100 Day Challenge update - I'm still on track with 4 activities in 4 days.  Woohoo!  FYI, I'm posting my daily non-run/walk activity on Facebook.  Check it out here or click the Like button over there -->

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the happiest place on earth...

Here's some fun... Word has come down that there's going to be a special Galloway tent at the Disney Marathon / Half Marathon this weekend.  So cool!

We have special badges for access.  Not only is it a nice covered place (hopefully) but there will be an opportunity to find others in our various walk/run pace groups from all over the country -- just in time for the race.

This is such happy news!  I hope this will also be available at the Princess . . . and the Disneyland Half . . . and the Wine and Dine.

 Note:  If you're currently in a Galloway training group, check with your PD for a badge.

Monday, January 3, 2011

the worst run of the year (so far)

Resolution Run (Sat) - 5K in 1:01
Picture does not do the rain justice!
Pace: 19:35 (walking)
100 Day Challenge - Day #1 (jan 1)

Sunday Long Run - 4.32 miles in 1:24
Pace: 19:05 (20/40)
100 Day Challenge - Day #2 (jan 2)

Resolution Run on 1/1 was just miserable (wet wet wet) but at least it wasn't cold wet.  Definitely the worst run of the year so far!  (Hee.)  But I did do it and finished it.  As I was standing in line waiting for my number, the guy behind me said we should assume this would be our worst race of the year.  That would actually be fabulous, I think!

And it was my friend M's very first 5K so a PR for her!  Yay!

Our usual Sat run was rescheduled to Sun due to the holiday.  I only ran 4+ of 11 due to the impending Disney Half on next Sat.  I started making my packing list last night and started to freak out...
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