Friday, March 16, 2012

for my atl peeps: you have to do this!

Roadrunner Sports brought their 3rd Thursday Adventure Runs to Atlanta last night.

What fun!  Apparently, these are really popular in other cities but they're new to Atlanta and my friend C gave me a heads up about this very first run.

There weren't a lot of people (maybe 20) but despite our pact of silence (more prizes for just a few of us!), I'm pretty sure attendance will explode. 

The Premise: Collect tickets; win prizes.  Simple right?

At 6:30 pm, a big map is presented with locations and point values.  Many have just one but there are challenges (eat a donut at Dunkin Donuts for 5 tickets but just 1 if you opt out).  Also, farther distances may be worth more tickets.  Definitely a downside for a slow runner like me -- I could have gotten to one of the mid distances but wouldn't have made it back.  The far distances are completely out (unless my car plays too!)  There were also sponsor tables (Zensah, Asics, etc.) where you could sample, sign up or try on for extra tickets.   By 7:30 pm, you have to be back with all your tickets in the raffle bucket.

And the raffle really was fabulous -- There were at least 4 pairs of Asics shoe certificates, 4 or 5 Zensahs certificates, and just a bunch of Power Bar products, along with in-store gift certificates (total $3,000 according to the organizers).  Because there weren't many of us, a majority of people got at least something and many won a couple of things.  That will change as the attendees go up but it was sure fun last night for those of us there.  :)

That said, I still prefer the attention that I get at my locally owned running store as the staff at Roadrunner, while pleasant enough, don't really seem as engaged with shoppers/runners or as passionate about the sport...

But this run was a lot of fun and I'm completely putting it on my calendar.  Runs go every month until November.  Definitely, check it out!

Double tickets if you're wearing an Adventure Run shirt...

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