Wednesday, March 7, 2012

ooooooooh . . .

I'm currently running in Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 Running Shoe... but the ones I have are 'just green' . . . And since I started running a couple years ago my other shoes have all been blue.  (Men's running shoes are a better fit for me so no pretty pink for me.) 

While my local store doesn't have this festive combo (and sadly can't get it), I'm so tempted. 

Too much?  (I wish the trim weren't black.  It would be an easier decision.)


  1. I don't think they're too much at all! I happen to think that the brighter and more fun the shoe...the faster you'll run! Ha! I saw a girl wearing some very colorful nikes the other day and, I bet she runs fast! Seriously, you should have fun with what you're wearing during your run. I've been running for just under a year and now find myself obsessed with running shoes - color, fit, style, etc. Get 'em!

  2. TOO CUTE!!!! So many options of what to wear with them!!!!


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