Tuesday, April 17, 2012

coupon karma . . .

ASICS Noosa Tri 7 Running Shoes
Monday walk - 1.23 miles in 26 min
Pace: 21:07
I walked last night with a runner who was having shin splint issues (ow).  It still felt like a good pace.

Remember the Road Runner Adventure Run last month?  It's coming up this Thursday (yay), which means the Asics shoe coupon that I won last time (I never win anything - so yay again!) was expiring yesterday.

Because I wear Brooks Adrenalines to run (and don't feel the need for change), I thought I'd get something fun and crazy -- i.e., Noosa Tri 7's -- but they were out of last season's (which I actually like better) and hadn't gotten in the new version yet.  Sadness.  I've actually stopped in a few times over the last month, hoping...

On Sunday, I made one last stop. I had to get something before the certificate expired.  And they had exactly ONE pair in exactly my size.  (Ordered by someone else for her son... but not purchased.)  So now I have festive feet for just walkin' around.

How fun is that?

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