Friday, April 27, 2012

raise a hand . . .

Yes, that is a big hand sticking  up from behind a building.  I pass this every day on my way home and on my way to my weeknight runs and it is the oddest thing...   (Frankly it creeps me out a little but I don't like clowns or bobbleheads either.)

There are definitely some fun things to see in the ATL... Big Chickens, Big Hands.

Every run is an adventure.  What fun or odd things have you seen in your neighborhood runs?


  1. Where is that in Atlanta? I do not think I have ever seen it!

  2. It's off of Piedmont Road, south of Sidney Marcus (where the old Home Depot expo used to be). You can really only see it when you're traveling north on Piedmont... and it's really weird when it's dark (lights up).

  3. You can see it on 85N at the Buford HWAY Exit. I've been wondering what it is. And yes, it is really weird.


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