Monday, April 30, 2012

just plugging along...

Saturday long run:
Warmup - 0.91 miles in 18:10 (19:55 pace)
Post-MM Run - 2.63 miles in 51:09 (19:26 pace)

It was Magic Mile week for my new running group so I ran closer to 4 than 5 miles.  (I was the timer for my group.) 

My run on Saturday just didn't go very well so I was glad I had the 1-mile break a mile in.  The run started with a long uphill stretch and basically 'went downhill' (figuratively for me) from there.  I never got in the groove with the group, which is really hard.  Basically, they're all faster than me, but it's the slowest group.  So I'm the one everyone waits for...



  1. I understand, I am quite fluffy myself and struggle while I know everyone that drives by me is either giving me the "oh, look at how hard she is trying" or the laugh at how the "fluffy" girl is trundling down the road. Right after the Disney Half this year I was at a grocery store wearing my "I did it" shirt. Got a nasty comment and laugh from a teenaged girl that suprisingly hurt. You would figure at 42 a twiggy 16 yr old couldn't bother me. The comment had something to do with her doubt that I actually "did it".

    We don't have a running group here that has anyone slower than a 10 min mile and no Galloway at all. So I try and keep myself motivated but it gets really hard. I applaud your efforts and that you stick with it. You are a lot better at keeping motivated than I am.

  2. You're doing awesome. I'm terrified to even try to run with a group and just slink out the door at dawn so no one sees me!


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